Basic Dyes in India plays vital role in textile and paper industries. They are used for making bright, attractive, eye-hunting and elegant shades and designs. We offer Basic dyes in India to be used normally in fabrics of acrylic fibers and textiles.

Application Area:-
  • Jute Printing
  • Paper Screen Printing
  • Marking Colour Making
  • Vermilion Making(Gulal,Sindur)
  • Jute Roap Dying
  • Paper Daying
We are one of the most promising Manufacturers of Optical Brightening Agent. Products served by us are used to improve the appearance of color of paper and fabrics, providing them a "whitening" effect, which make materials, appear less yellow.

Application Area:-
  • Choth Whitening
  • Paper Whitening
  • Soap Whitening
  • Thread Whitening