Guar Gum Powder is one of the most efficient water thickening agent known. It is white to creamy coloured, free flowing powder, free from extraneous matter. Guar gum is a non ionic polysaccharide based on the milled endosperm of the Guar bean (leguminous seed cyamposis tetragonaloba).Guar gum undamaged by bleaching or thermal degradation and are available in several granulation and viscosity ranges. In dry storage, Guar gum may be stored virtually indefinitely without spoilage or degradation of properties.

For Food Grade Gum
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetic Industry
For Industrial grade Guar Gum
  • Paper Industry
  • Oil well Industry
  • Minning Industry
  • Explosive Industry
  • Textile Industry